O’Connor Institute Ambassadors Civics & Debate Club

Calling all high-school-age leaders!


Want to impress colleges, sharpen your leadership talents, connect with other driven students from around the country, enhance your civics knowledge and civil discourse skills, and debate the most important civics topics facing our communities and nation?

Look no further: The O’Connor Institute Ambassadors Civics & Debate Club is for you.

  • Compete for a $5,000 in college scholarship
  • Hone your speech and debate skills
  • Deepen your understanding of civics and how American government works
  • Get involved and make a difference in your community
  • Engage in online civics-related discussion and debate with other high school students from across the country
  • Earn a cord for graduation
  • And . . . it’s totally free!

The O’Connor Institute Ambassadors Civics & Debate Club (OIA) is a free, online program for 9th- through 12th-grade students presented by the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute for American Democracy. OIA promotes the O’Connor Institute’s three pillars: civil discourse, civics education, and civic engagement.

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

  1. OIA allows students to demonstrate to colleges their commitment to self-improvement, extracurricular learning, and civic mindedness
  2. Seniors can compete for a $5,000 in college scholarship
  3. Seniors can earn an OIA high-school graduation cord
  4. OIA facilitates productive online discussion and debate between students from around the country
  5. Students gain the opportunity to build their civics knowledge and related skills 

To be an Ambassador, students:

  1. Register here 
  2. Participate in monthly online Ambassador civics and debate club meetings
  3. Volunteer for at least ten hours each school year for a nonprofit organization in their community