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Talking Revolution, with Nathan Perl-Rosenthal

"The Age of Revolutions is a tremendous achievement that will shape scholarly and public debate for decades to come."– ...

What’s the Deal with the Electoral College?

Perhaps no extant product of the U.S. Constitution has received more bipartisan animus than the Electoral College. Since ...

How Democracy Survives, with Author Josiah Ober, Ph.D.

Is democracy in trouble? Many Americans believe so: recent polls consistently rank "threats to democracy" as one of ...

Water and the West

Some 40 million people in the American West rely on water from the Colorado River. But the river’s ...
Rural America

Why Rural America Is Thriving, with Author Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

The story often told is that rural America is in decline, and that rural Americans are resentful of ...
Issues and Answers: The Economy: Inflation, the Fed, and You

The Economy: Inflation, the Fed, and You

Inflation in America is happening for the first time in forty years. Why have prices gone up and ...

Emancipation’s Complicated History, with Kris Manjapra

Emancipation in America is often presented as a single and singular undertaking. But Professor Kris Manjapra's new book, Black ...
Dr. Anthea Hartig- Smithsonian Museum Logo

The Museum as Civic Space, with Dr. Anthea Hartig

What is the museum’s role in society? How does – and can – the museum function as a ...

John Locke: The 17th Century Philosopher who Shaped American Thought

In her book America's Philosopher: John Locke in American Intellectual Life, Claire Rydell Arcenas seeks to better understand and illuminate the ...
Ranked Choice Voting

The Pros and Cons of Open Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting

Do open primaries and ranked choice voting have the potential to improve American elections, or will they create ...

Gerrymandering in America, with Nick Seabrook

In his book One Person, One Vote, Nick Seabrook, an authority on constitutional and election law, examines the question ...

Socrates, Alcibiades, and ‘The Quest for Character,’ with Massimo Pigliucci

In his book The Quest for Character, Massimo Pigliucci asks: can good character be taught? Through an exploration ...
Illustration of Native Indians interacting with American settlers

Native Americans and the Founding Fathers

Did tribal governments and indigenous political theories affect the Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution? If so, ...

Art’s Role in Civil Society, with Jed Perl

In his book Authority and Freedom: A Defense of the Arts, Jed Perl argues that “authority and freedom ...

The Future of the Court

The Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States was formed by President Joe Biden's Executive ...

Equality and Justice for All

ENRICHING AMERICA’S STORIES:Expanding Diverse Collection With Distinguished Guest Speaker DR. CARLA HAYDEN14th Librarian of Congress VIEW COMPLIMENTARY PROGRAM ...

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