Gerrymandering in America, with Nick Seabrook

In his book One Person, One Vote, Nick Seabrook, an authority on constitutional and election law, examines the question of gerrymandering—that is, the intentional drawing of electoral districts for political gain. 

Seabrook looks at the history of gerrymandering, which he believes is “a uniquely American phenomenon,” and how new technologies have made the practice far more ruthlessly effective and efficient today than it has ever been. He scrutinizes the way in which gerrymandering has removed power from voters and how such efforts have withstood legal challenges.

“How do you solve a problem like gerrymandering?” asks Professor Seabrook. View our discussion below that addresses this and other questions.

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University of North Florida professor Nick Seabrook

Nick Seabrook

  • Professor and interim chair, University of North Florida Department of Political Science and Public Administration
  • Author of Drawing the Lines: Constraints on Gerrymandering in U.S. Politics (2017)
  • Expert on constitutional law, election law, and gerrymandering