Civics Education

An educated citizenry is crucial for a healthy democracy. Whether or not you studied civics in school or wish to brush up, these adult education resources are here to help.

Being educated means going beyond the essential what of civics to understand the why. We invite you to read, watch and discover the richness of civics.

Historical Foundations of the United States

Colonial Period Before the United States, thirteen separate colonies settled throughout the eastern coast of North America. As ...

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is a statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, ...
Copy of the US Constitution

The Constitution

The Constitution The U.S. Constitution is the second government formed after The Articles of Confederation failed to meet ...

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch Article I of the US Constitution establishes the legislature as a bicameral body consisting of ...

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch Article II of the US Constitution establishes the executive branch led by the President of ...

The Judicial Branch 

The Judicial Branch Article III of the US Constitution establishes the judicial branch. However, it only creates the ...

How Elections Work 

How Elections Work The United States has a long and storied history of democracy, and elections have been ...

What is the Electoral College? 

What is the Electoral College? The Electoral College is an essential part of the United States' democratic process. ...

History of Political Parties 

History of Political Parties For more than two centuries, the Democratic and Republican parties have been the two ...

State Government 

State Government The powers of a state government in the United States are defined in the Tenth Amendment ...

Local Government  

Local Government Local government plays an integral role in the lives of citizens. It has a more significant ...

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More to Learn The articles below provide access to valuable resources, including articles, videos, and courses that deepen ...

"In over half the states in the union, civics education is not required. The only reason we have public school education in America is because in the early days of the country, our leaders thought we had to teach our young generation about citizenship ... that obligation never ends."

— Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

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