Colonial Period

Before the United States, thirteen separate colonies settled throughout the eastern coast of North America. As separate communities with their own goals and needs, they were not created to join together. However, external forces during the 1770s pushed these colonies to form the United States of America.

Why were the colonies founded?

Before the United States existed, thirteen separate colonies—settled in different places and for various reasons—were spaced along the ...

Why did the colonies develop differently?

As with any community, the North American colonies continued to develop and change based on unique climates, natural ...
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What Caused the French and Indian War?

From the founding of Jamestown in 1607 through the 1750s, the English colonies continued to grow, both in ...
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Why did the British Tax the colonies? 

The French and Indian War was costly for the British, and George III looked to the colonies to ...

Did the colonies rebel against British taxes?

From the introduction of the Stamp Act and the ever-present British Army in their streets, the tension between ...

What finally made the colonies push for independence? 

As the colonies were being settled, there was no intention for them to unite together and form their ...